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Chabad House Dubai has been active for almost a decade and is attended by many people throughout the day, to sit, eat, to business meetings or to visit and say hello. Chabad House serves kosher food, and there is a synagogue and prayer arrangements. The atmosphere in the place is peaceful, versatile and welcomes everyone – everyone who comes to visit feels comfortable.

Chabad House is located in the AL WASL neighborhood near the Burj Khalifa about a 15-minute car ride.Due to the coronavirus ailment there is no receipt reception on site and public activity on Shabbat is concentrated at the Adres Marina Hotel.

Chabad Dubai Is run by Rabbi Levi Duchman in response to religious needs, prayers and hospitality on Shabbat with the assistance of Rabbi Menachem LaSawa and other guys.On Fridays, the Sabbath reception is held properly and there are 60 or more people coming from many places around the world – American Jews, Egyptian Jews, French, Israelis, Jews from the community in Dubai and many more. On Friday evenings, you hear prayers in different forms and sing a variety of songs. Everyone is comfortable and there is a happy and vibrant atmosphere and the place is open for everyone to come and join the festive meal.

Hebd Dubai House
Rabbi Levy on Sukkot 2020 in Dubai

During the summer months, no prayers will be held at Chabad House in the Al Wasl neighborhood. Saturdays hosting with Chabad, prayers and dining, are held at the Adres Marina Dubai Hotel. For other services such as Mikveh for women and other religious services, contact Chabad Dubai, and you will receive a quick and detailed response to all your requests.
As mentioned above, Saturdays with Chabad Prayer and Meals will be held Indress Dubai Marin, for more details contact by email [email protected] mWhatsApp at number 971569582971+

meal prices:Adult:Friday

night dinner – $75 per person Breakfast –
$57 per person

Child(age 5-12)

Friday night dinner – $37.50 per person
Breakfast – $30 per
person- free

Another option for kosher food to sit is to order you a food package to sit at Alice's restaurant or a seafront restaurant in Dubai. Kosher restaurants 

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Dubai Marina,is one of the famous residential andhotel quarters of the Emirates and the perfect entertainment, the city is firmly rooted in the culture and history of the Middle East which combined modernity and innovation. A new neighborhood known near the beach is – JBR, a leisure complex with a restaurant hanging in the air, interesting cafes and markets of works and artists. Dubai Marina Mall replete with fashion brands of chains and luxury

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