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Top 5 family parks in Abu Dhabi

The weather is still good to enjoy a wonderful time at Abu Dhabi family parks. The city is designed cleverly to have enough green spaces all around the city. All of them are family-friendly parks, while plenty of them also offer excellent intertainment for adults. Most parks have no fees, while some might charge near to none, for instance, between AED 1 to .5/ person

Narrowing down top family parks is a tough choice to make, but we still managed to shortlist five family parks to enjoy on your holidays and weekends.

1. Al Khalidiya Park

Al Khalidiya Park is one of the most famous and oldest Parks in Abu Dhabi. Its ultimate beauty attracts families to spend their evening and weekend in here picnicking, also. Its wonderful tree-shaded areas make it an excellent spot for a relaxed family afternoon. There are many more expansive spaces for both older and younger children to enjoy playing. Park itself is enormous, and it takes up the entire Khaleej Al Arabi Street block. This is one of the significant points of nearby areas of Khalidiya, and there are many other gardens for exploration right across the road which sell refreshment items such as fast food, ice creams and juices.

  • Location: Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street
  • Times of Opening: stays open between 8 am to 10 pm.
  • Entry cost: free

2. Family Park

Almost from the 8km stretch of Abu Dhabi "Corniche," you will find a beautiful family part. As its name depicts, these parks are designed by keeping families in mind. There are plenty of activities that will keep your little ones busy—Park beautifully designed to resemble rockets and pirate ships. You will find five areas to explore while roaming and enjoying the beauty of every step. You will find designated barbecue areas with plenty of picnics shaded spaces.

  • Location: Corniche Road W, Al Khalidiyah
  • Opening timings:24 hours open
  • Entry fees: Free
3. The Formal Park

Formal ParkPark is also located on Corniche just down the family park. Formal ParkPark is one of its kind. You will never find such a relaxing environment with the perfect lazy afternoon resting point. There is a large pond in the centre of this ParkPark, which features a striking swan water environment. Beautiful lawns with colourful flowerbeds, which you a refreshing scene of various colours packed in one ParkPark. Although it has small children playing area, Formal Park gives most of the mature vibes. Park also boasts a sports track, gym area with equipment, Barb Que areas and picnic spaces. 

  • Location: Corniche Road W / Sultan Bin Zayed the First Street
  • Times for opening: 24 hours
  • Cost: Free
4. Lake Park

  As the name suggests, lake park has a vast lake, with a 14-metre high fountain located in the middle of space, with jogging and walking tracks weaving all around the water area. There are plenty of benches around the lake, so you can sit down and enjoy the beauty with an exciting bridge on top of lack captures your attention.

  • Location: Corniche Road W / Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street
  • Opening timings:24 hours open
  • Fees: Free
5. Heritage Park

Along the Corniche stretch, Heritage Park is the last ParkPark there, located opposite Mina Port. Thanks to the traditional art and stonework of Arab, it is one of the city’s most beautiful parks structure. It has many shaded areas for picnic and barbecue spaces, and there is an outdoor child playing area. You will find the kiosk in the ParkPark to buy drinks and food. Plenty of walking tracks and jogging tracks weaving all around the ParkPark.

  • Location: Al Firdous Street / Corniche Road East
  • Opening timing: opens 24 hours.
  • Entrance fees: Free
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