Dessert safari tours in Dubai

Dubai is one of the richest and most modern in the UAE Emirates. It borders on the south by Abu Dhabi, on the northwest by Sharjah and on the southeast by the Sultanate of Oman. The city has a unique topography located in the Arabian Desert.

It is simple to book a desert safari, almost every hotel in Dubai has a partnership and a simple Google search should offer an endless list of options. The great thing is that Dubai rules are quality strict and no choice is unlikely to be bad. For desert safaris, tourism companies can either choose a shared car or a private one from their hotel.

Here are some of the Desert Safari trips to choose from

1.Bike the Red Dunes, Ride Camel, Sandboard and BBQ with Shows

This is the best dune buggy tour in Dubai if you’re a fan of Mad Max and want to have quads in the desert. At around the same time as the standard evening safari desert Dubai, you will get collected from your hotel and drive to the Desert in the Land Cruiser.

  • It takes 6 hours to complete.

  • Pros: You are provided with all security devices and instructions to be a complete beginner and still drive a dune buggy.

2.Dubai Safari: Dune Drive, Bikes, Camels & Meal at Al Khayma 

There are two possibilities for this Dubai safari tour. Either you can opt for a 5-hour or a 7-hour tour. This safari consists of dune bashing, sandboarding, quad bikes, and camel riding. Earlier this afternoon, the 5-hour safari takes place, with a light brunch in place of the breakfast buffet. This option is ideal for those who do not wish to spend much time in the desert on other tours in the city.

The 7-hour safari will be the same as Dubai’s standard night safari. The ride will be short on sandboards and camels, but you will experience a dune rattle and a dune buggy.

In the evening you can enjoy a full buffet dinner on that longer safari to Al Khayma Camp. About 10-11 p.m. in the evening you will reach your hotel.

  • The length of time: five or seven hours.

  • Pros: Two Timings Option if you want to return sooner to the city.

  • Two Timings Option It contains a buggy dune and a buggy.

  • Cons: The Tanoura Show and belly dance only comes later this afternoon at the Al Khayma camp. There will be no live entertainment for people who book the 5 hour safari.

3.Morning Safari with Quad Bikes, Sandboarding & Camel Ride.  

This is a desert safari tour in Dubai for those who want to spend a day in the desert with other plans. This is also one of Dubai’s cheapest desert safaris for half the cost of all your activities.

Hiking, dune rides, sandboarding and a camel ride are all possible.

Camel ride is about a small area in just 2-3 minutes, but you can do so as many times as you like. Compared with the late morning, the safaris are not crowded, so unlimited camel rides are possible without lining up for a long time.

  • 4-5 hours duration.

  • Pros: Less crowded and cheaper than safaris at night. By late afternoon, you can be back in town.

  • Cons: no shows or buffets. After the safari, you’ll need to reserve a basketball lunch at Jumeirah Beach.

4. Overnight Dubai Desert Safari Trip

This is one of the best safari tours in Dubai for those who want to camp below the stars. During sunset and sunrise you can take pictures. A desert safari in Dubai is an intimate experience for all over the world. After everyone leaves the camp from the evening safari, it is very peaceful and quiet.

Then everyone huddles around a cute fireplace and many interesting stories about Dubai’s history are heard. The campsite has clean, spacious men’s and women’s bathrooms. Individual tents and sleeping bags will be provided with mattresses and cushions. Your own camper gear doesn’t have to be brought. You can stay in the desert for a very safe night because you are in a secure camping. All employees will ensure that everyone is looked after all night long. Also you can leave your belongings in your tents if you feel like taking a walk, and no one is going to steal anything.

After a great sleep in the morning, before your drive back to the city, you will receive a delicious hot Arabic breakfast. This also gives you the opportunity to take some great pictures of the sun rising over the sand dunes.:

  • Pros: The desert sunset and the sunrise are both visible. Throughout the night you’ll receive certain snacks and drinks, therefore you don’t have to concern yourself. Also included are all tents and sleeping gear.

  • Cons: Although it’s very hot in the day, at night it can get cold. Ensure that you bring a warm sweater or hoodie.

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sunset Desert Safari Promo Package Includes pickup and drop off from your hotel/residence with 4×4 Vehicle (vip) at Desert Camp Location.

 Package includes:

 Dune Bashing :- The Best Experience of Off-Roading on Dunes of Desert by Expert Drivers.

Camel Riding:– Experience the Special Rides on Camels.

Sand Boarding:– Experience Sandboarding experience on Desert Dunes.

Henna Art:– Get Your Free Tatoo from Henna Designers.

Sunset Photography:-Capture Best Moments of Sunset with your special ones in Desert.

Live Shows:- Watch Enchanting Live Performances of Tanura Show , Belly Dance & Fire Show Experts.

BBQ Dinner Buffet:- Enjoy 16+ Varieties of International Buffet with Veg and Non-Veg Options.

Special Sweets:- Get your Welcome Arabic Sweets freshly made.

Refreshments and Snacks:- Get a Short Break with Special Falafels , Shawarma’s and Refreshing Drinks.

Free Mineral Water:- Get Free Mineral Water included in Package



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