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Flights to Dubai

Dubai, is one of the most developed countries in the world and is a holiday destination for travelers. Dubai is one of the richest countries in the Middle East by virtue of sitting on vast oil reserves, luxury  hotel  tourism and commerce.
Following the Avraham agreements signed in 2020, Dubai has become a hot destination for Israeli travelers.

Flight Time From Israel To Dubai


Direct flight time from Israel to Dubai depends on the flight path about 3.5 hours, starting in 2020 after the peace agreements between Israel and the Emirates, the possibility of a flight to Dubai has been shortened and passes through Saudi Arabia allowing Israeli planes to pass through . 

Price Of A Flight From Israel To Dubai

An average direct flight from Tel Aviv to Dubai round trip costs about $ 400 – $ 200 depending on the season, a flight with one or more stops can be found for an average of $ 250 – $ 190, alternatively you can find cheap flights from Israel to Abu Dhabi and from there take a car to Dubai. Dubai to Dubai about an hour and a half. 

Dubai Airport

Dubai International Airport (code DXB) is the beautiful and modern international airport established in 1960 and located 4 km from the city, and is considered one of the three most beautiful airports in the world. Flights from Israel to Dubai land at Terminal 1, by the way back to Israel.

Dubai Airport has broken records as the busiest airport in the world several times and is considered the 3rd largest airport in the world and has a wide range of attractions and is known as one of the most impressive places, design, and beauty in the world. As part of the attractions you can visit duty free, luxury restaurants, shops, and more .. The port is built of 3 passenger terminals and a cargo terminal. As of 2019 (before the Corona era) about 78 million passengers a year passed through the port to 270 destinations worldwide with more than 8,000 flights a week.
Transportation services from the field are varied, with highways reaching everywhere in the UAE, you will also find there a convenient modern train and advanced bus services. Staying in the magnificent field is a special experience in itself.

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Local Airlines Company

Dubai's airlines are ranked as the best airlines in the world and all this due to maximum utilization of amazing resources and customer service and favorable prices. Being a large-scale business state there is an emphasis on business audiences in departments of course each department has its own advantage and purpose, suitable for luxury lovers.

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