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Dubai is the most famous tour city of the United Arab Emirates. It is the business hub of the Middle East. Here you will find the most updated information about Dubai.

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We love dubai


We love dubai

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United Arab Emirates

The UAE is a Muslim-Arab desert state and the regime is monarchical.  We will see pictures of the nation's greats hanging everywhere around the city. The country is rich in oil resources located in the northeastern Arabian Peninsula in the Persian Gulf. Only 1.5 million of its 10 million residents are citizens of the country and the rest are mostly immigrants and foreign workers from different countries.

The official currency Dirham AED 

The economy is based on oil and tourism.

Language- Arabic, and English


נגן וידאו

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Dubai History

The UAE united in 1971 and gained independence from Britain in 1971 when the main occupation was fishing, the country utilized its vast natural resources to produce oil for the whole world, this natural resource made it one of the richest countries in the world.  The great wealth led to the development of the big cities, led by Abu Dhabi and Dubai, these cities became thriving tourist cities and a symbol of wealth and innovation. 

So what to do in the UAE?  Dubai is a relatively young city that is developing rapidly and continues to amaze with its innovations, in the fields of finance, technology, and tourism, among others you will see the tallest building in the world, one of the largest malls in the world, the largest flower garden in the world, huge artificial islands, luxury vehicles, exotic animals growing in homes and more, did we mansion great wealth already?

Immigrants- So there is a very large number of poor people.  Their salary is $ 200-350 (these are black jobs like construction workers and cleaners and most of them are Indians or Pakistanis. living in Dubai is very expensive, many of them live about 5 people in one small room. most immigrants leave their children in their country because they can't afford to pay for their education. By the way, attending a regular school costs about $ 10,000 a year, in addition to that, the hot climate damages the children's development, because of that, children spend most of their free time in an air-conditioned room.

Desert climate – In the summer, the air temperature reaches 50 degrees and not to mention high humidity and constant sun. Sometimes we look up and see a gray-yellow sky as a result of winds coming out of a dusty wind of sand and dust.

In Dubai as well as in Abu Dhabi the technology is in every corner: air conditioners at bus and ATM stations, police robots, the metro at the airport.  On the other hand, you can find a simple drainage system that is missing in many areas and a small amount of rain is enough to paralyze the life of the city.  Construction in Dubai consists of a multi-storey combination of 170-storey skyscrapers, private villas, and apartment complexes.  If you asked where the immigrants live?  We will find them in the "back neighborhood" of the city and also in the old city.