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The convenient and recommended way to get around Dubai during the trip between the attractions and the hotel is by renting a car in Dubai. Driving in Dubai is comfortable and pleasant with a state-of-the-art road system that will take you quickly and easily to any destination by renting a car.

You can pick up your vehicle from Dubai's famous airport or from a number of rental stations located in the city. You can choose vehicles from different groups from small vehicles to jeeps and luxury vehicles. Renting a car in Dubai (which is not a sports car) ranges from $ 55 to $ 200. When booking you can also rent and pick up the vehicle directly from the airport after landing or around the city. Renting a car in Dubai today is convenient and simple, with the service inviting with the option of a built-in navigation system that will help you get around the city.

things that you have to take into account

Obligation to have an international driver's license in advance A local license is not obtained. for your information! The whole country is networked with cameras. You will not find much police on the roads but the "giant Dubai" sees everything.

If you commit a traffic offense, the car rental company (rental company) will receive a report for you that day that will be deducted from your credit card. A serious offense will be accompanied by a summons to court.
Carefully read the lease and make sure that all the details of the contract are clear to you before you sign and of course insurance and the terms of the policy. In most companies it is possible to rent a car from the age of 21 and up. However, if you are under the age of 25 you may be required to pay a young driver fee.
It is recommended to videotape the vehicle before renting to avoid disagreements about old scratches that will .return the vehicle.

Note: It is advisable to check carefully from whom you are renting a car as well as recommendations on the supplier. Many tourists report "cheating" and non-return of deposit for various reasons … Alternatively, you can check the car rental headquarters links from reputable and reputable companies and most importantly – drive safely.


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