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Things to know before you arrive

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Five things to know before you arrive in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the United Arab Emirates capital and well known for its family gateways and cultural attractions.

From having a coffee of gold sprinkles on its top to travelling to the world's faster roller coaster, Abu Dhabi provides the best combination of every experience.
Travellers can enjoy cultural and historical sights, along with stunning and beautiful beaches. Travelling to Abu Dhabi will be a fun and adventurous experience, but there are some tips to keep in mind while travelling to Abu Dhabi; consider the following AED 1 to 5/ person. Narrowing down top family parks is a tough choice to make, but we still managed to shortlist five family parks to enjoy on your holidays and weekends.

1. The Climate

Between October and April is the best time to visit Abu Dhabi. The potential and series of wind and rains keep the weather quite pleasant for travelers. From May to October, the humidity and heat can get unbearable for tourists. The temperature might reach 40C between June to September.

2. Dress Code

Hot Climate might demand you to pack less clothing, but makes sure to pack whatever feels comfortable to you. Fortunately, the heat and humidity are unbearable in summers, but still, you will need to cover up once you enter hotels and malls. It is an Islamic country, so it would be better to wear something that covers up at least half of your body, including shoulders and knees.

There is a necessity to wear a headscarf while entering or visiting mosques.

3. The Location

Abu Dhabi is the capital of UAE and also the most significant city region in UAE. It is comprised of almost 400km coastline, 200 islands along with stretches of maintains and deserts. It is a one-hour drive from Dubai.

4. The Al Gharbia

Al Gharbia has a famously known Western region of Abu Dhabi. It has almost 2/3 of Abu Dhabi's land. Al Gharbia consists of remarkable dunes of golden Sand, ancient forts, and several miles of coastlines. “Al Gharbia” features “Liwa," a historic town that leads towards the oasis of "Rub Al Khali," also famous as "Empty Quarter." It is known as the largest desert in the world.
Ao Gharbia is also blessed with the most extensive date plantations. It has over 100,000 palm trees. In Al Gharbia, there is a famous resort named "Qasr Al Sarab” that offers several activities such as:

  • Camel trekking
  • Dune bashing
  • Sandboarding
  • Dune dawn walks
  • Falconry shows
  • Camping
  • BBQ meals

If you visit Abu Dhabi to enjoy the Arab cultural traditions, you must visit Al Gharbia. If you are lucky enough, you might grab a chance to witness Al Gharbia's famous events like date festivals, beauty contests, along hill climbing. They are very popular in Arab.

5. Restaurants and Cuisine
מסעדות בדובאי

While visiting Abu Dhabi, you will find hundreds of cousins all over the world. It's the beauty of the city, with its rich culture it also welcomes foreign cultures. You can also enjoy food from branded restaurants under globally famous chefs. Local Arabian cousins comprise the world's most mouth-watering dishes and flavours such as turmeric, limes, cinnamon, dried fruit, saffron and several nuts. You will find presentation and aroma both top on the sky.

Some of the most delicious Arabian dishes include:

  1. The Mezze Platter
  2. Al Harees (a dish that is the combination of wheat and meat that both are cooked in a clay pot and then garnished with pure butter or ghee)
  3. Al Majboos (a slightly spicy meat dish that bursts with flavour and aroma)
  4. Al Madrooba (salted fish cooked in a traditional spicy way and served with different mild and hot sauces)
We Love Abu Dhabi

The city is designed cleverly to have enough green spaces all around the city. All of them are family-friendly parks, while plenty of them also offer excellent entertainment for adults. Most parks have no fees, while some might charge near to none, for instance, between AED 1 to 5/ person.

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